Visual Art

Flutterby Productions works to support local visual artists, with an emphasis on assisting young, emerging artists.

We can provide art workshops, assistance with running exhibitions as well as helping source artwork. We work closely to mentor new artists and help promote art exhibitions in Western Australia.

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Photo: Dan Avila Photography

Featured Artist – Ross Potter

Ross Potter is a fulltime artist with a studio at PS Art Space in Fremantle, Western Australia. Potter works with graphite on paper and describes the motivation behind his work as being “drawn to Place. He has held several successful solo exhibitions, as well as participating in special events such as being invited to be a feature artist at the 2016 Mazenod College Art Exhibition and he was a finalist in the 2015 Black Swan Portrait Prize.

Potter’s artistic career began in 2011 when, after falling in love with the built heritage of the Fremantle area, Potter began working on his first solo exhibition The Free Antiques Campaign. Coming from Brisbane, where so many heritage buildings seem to be lost in a clutter of modern infrastructure, Potter felt compelled to record the buildings in Fremantle in the hope of capturing some of the history that he never noticed in Brisbane.

In 2012, while creating work for his exhibition, Potter also worked as an Artist in Residence with the Adolescent Programme at The Beehive Montessori School in Mosman Park. There he worked with 20 students, ranging from 12-15 years of age, to assist in the creation their own drawings in the style of The Free Antiques Campaign. At the end of the year the students exhibited their works alongside Potter’s at The Moores Building in Fremantle.

Following this exhibition, some of Potter’s works were re-exhibited at The Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle as part of the 2013 Fremantle Heritage Festival. He was also commissioned by the City of Fremantle to provide prints from this exhibition to be presented to the judges of the Fremantle Heritage Awards in 2013.

Potter’s second solo exhibition, Piccolo, a series of small scale drawings celebrating Fremantle’s iconic buildings, was also exhibited at The Moores Building in November 2013 as part of the Fremantle Festival.

In 2014 Potter worked on several projects including Aspects of Trust, a one day exhibition and drawing workshop at Samson House in Fremantle, as part of the National Heritage Festival. He was also commissioned by the National Trust of Australia (WA) to draw several of the locations held by the trust, including 57 Murray Street, Wanslea, and Stirling House.

2015 was a busy year for Potter, during which time he moved into a permanent studio, at PS Art Space in Fremantle. There he held an exhibition of 30 small works completed in 30 days, titled Succinct Fremantle and ran several free drawing workshops as part of the 2015 Fremantle Heritage Festival. He was a finalist in the Black Swan Portrait Prize, with his graphite portrait of local musician Carus Thompson, The Troubadour. Potter also exhibited, As Is, a series of large-scale works at the Moores Building in November 2015. AS IS featured sketches of buildings in Fremantle that have been altered by the creative industries, whether through inhabitation, commissioned artwork or graffiti/street art. The highlight of the exhibition was a 2.4mt long free hand sketch of the Old Coogee Power Station.

In 2016 Potter was invited to be a feature artist at the Mazenod College Art Exhibition, for which he created a new series of works documenting the natural essence of the Hills area, titled Sticks and Stones.

With his eye for detail and ability to produce large-scale works on paper, Potter’s sights are now tuned to organics. He is currently working on his next project WOOD, which has been described as “epic and thought provoking”. WOOD is to be displayed in a public exhibition in October 2016 at PSAS.

In addition to his exhibitions, Potter has also dedicated time to conducting workshops, in order to encourage more of the community to view the world around them in a new light; to take more notice of the history and architecture of their town. He has conducted workshops for The Beehive Montessori School, The Rockingham Montessori School, The National Trust of Australia (WA) and The Fremantle Heritage Festival. These drawing workshops have given him the opportunity to share his skills and techniques with a range of both adults and young people, focusing on gaining a deeper appreciation of drawing architectural structures.

Potter’s works can be seen at